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Since we first opened our doors to small and medium-sized businesses and healthcare providers in Omaha back in August 2005, we have steadily grown to become one of the Midwest’s most sought after IT solutions firms. From designing strategic growth plans and implementing cutting edge solutions to procuring products from leading IT brands and keeping you compliant through our security services, IT Nexus, Inc. really is your central source of all things technology.
So that’s what we do but why should YOU choose to work with IT Nexus, Inc.? Are you fed up with waiting for your current IT provider to respond to your calls for help? Do you ever wonder if they are billing you more than is necessary by not proactively looking after your systems? Maybe you even have the feeling they’re just not as good as they claim to be. If so, it’s time to talk. We are responsive, honest, IT experts that find solutions to your business challenges - all for an affordable monthly fee. It’s as simple as that.

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Imagine working for a company where employees thrive in a dynamic environment, where you have access to some of the most innovative IT solutions on the market, where you play a part in shaping your future. Imagine working for IT Nexus, Inc.. We are looking for one-in-a-million people who enjoy learning, are committed to excellence, and who bring their best self to work every day. Sound like you? Let’s talk!

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