Why Us

Mission Statement

"Improving our client's business with leading-edge network services"

Professional Expertise & Approach

At IT Nexus, Inc., our objective is to provide high quality, professional and responsive IT support services to your business. In addition to the 20+ years of IT background and experience from the Founder and CEO of IT Nexus, Inc., Chuck King, our knowledgeable employees are passionate about technology and in making things work properly for you. You will not find rude, arrogant or obnoxious technical support people on our staff. Plus we are always on the lookout for ways to make your job easier and to ensure technology helps your business to become more profitable.

Company Vision

  • Identify an opportunity for improvement
  • Complement the existing network support infrastructure
  • Implement a solution that will provide measurable results

IT Nexus, Inc. has been founded on the principle that virtually every business has enormous potential to improve their bottom line, however they are constrained by a number of challenges ranging from limited IT budgets and resources to the difficulty of remaining aware of which leading edge technologies will actually benefit the bottom line.

IT Nexus, Inc. has made a large capital investment in a number of the industry’s latest technological network innovations similar to what Fortune 100 businesses have been successfully utilizing using for years! One of our main objectives is to bring all of the benefits of these solutions to our clients within the SMB (small and medium businesses) marketplace without the associated large investment of money, time and resources. By helping our clients improve their business, we believe a strong business relationship will be formed that will ultimately last for many years to come.

All of the diverse and complex network components such as ISP gateways, firewalls, routers, servers, switches, desktops, security applications and services are certainly here to stay. Today’s thriving businesses depend upon these mission critical components to function and achieve their unique goals. We await the opportunity to explore how we can help your business!

Founder & CEO

After 17 years of experience within the field of information technology, Chuck King founded IT Nexus, Inc. to provide professional technology consulting services to small and medium size businesses. Chuck's vision is not about providing technology related hardware and software, it is about working with small business owners to help them leverage the existing technology already in place to reduce costs and improve the profitability of their business. Read more about Chuck King in his bio

Our Clientele

IT Nexus, Inc. is extremely proud and honored to have many fine businesses as our clients throughout 12 states in the Midwest. IT Nexus, Inc. serves businesses within all industries and recognizes the importance properly managed technology can play in the profitability of our client's business. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise available in the marketplace today. Read just a few of our testimonials to find out more!